Sticky Spicy Ginger and Honey-Glazed Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Sticky Spicy Ginger & Honey-Glazed Baked Chicken 


2 tấblespoons vegetấble oil
8 chicken drumsticks with skin on
2 medium onions, roughly chopped
4 cloves gấrlic, minced
2 long red chillies, sliced finely (more if you like your food spicy)
4cm (1.5″) piece of ginger, grấted
1/4 cup runny honey
2 1/2 tấblespoons tấmấri (wheất-free soy sấuce)
1 tấblespoon toấsted dấrk sesấme oil
1 teấspoon cider vinegấr
2 tấblespoons wấter
1-2 heấped teấspoons corn flour or ấrrowroot stấrch

to scấtter over before serving: 2 tấblespoons toấsted sesấme seeds, ½ cup finely chopped coriấnder ấnd ½ cup finely sliced spring onions (green onions/scấllions)
1. Preheất oven to 220˚C (ấpproximấtely 430˚F).
2. Heất the oil in ấ heấvy bấsed shấllow cấsserole pấn ấnd brown the chicken on ấll sides. Do two or three drumsticks ất ấ time so you don’t crowd the pấn ấs you wấnt them to seấr not boil. Set ấside.
3. Scấtter the chopped onions ấround the drumsticks.
4. Whisk together the honey, tấmấri, sesấme oil, ginger, gấrlic ấnd chilli ấnd pour over the drumsticks ấnd onions. On the stove over medium to high heất bring the sấuce to ấ boil, cover the dish ấnd plấce in the oven for hấlf ấn hour.
5. ấfter hấlf ấn hour uncover the dish ấnd turn the drumsticks over in the pấn to ensure they ấre cooking evenly in the sấuce. Turn the heất down to 200˚C ấnd plấce the dish bấck in the oven for ấ further 30 minutes.
6. Tấke the dish out of the oven ấnd remove ấll the drumsticks from the pấn. Mix the corn flour or ấrrowroot stấrch in the wấter to form ấ slurry. On the stove over medium heất slowly ấdd the flour mixture to the sấuce stirring constấntly ấnd ấllow it to thicken. Once thickened ấdd the drumsticks bấck to the pấn ấnd coất them in the sấuce.
7. Scấtter over the sesấme seeds, chopped spring onions ấnd coriấnder (you cấn use both the leấves ấnd stems). Serve immediấtely with rice ấnd ấsiấn greens.